What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Perfecting)?

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a "nose job" service is conveniently located in downtown Miami, Florida, just minutes from the Miami International Airport.

Who Are Candidates For A Rhinoplasty?

Nasal reshaping or nose surgery can be done by people who:

  • They want to refine / reshape their nose to improve its appearance
  • They were born with a nasal deformation that requires surgical correction with a plastic surgeon
  • Have suffered a nasal injury in an accident or sporting event
  • They consider that the tip of their nose is dropping due to the weakening of structural support caused by aging

However, we advise against performing these procedures on children for cosmetic purposes only, as the nose continues to grow and develop until 14 or 16 years of age.

What results can I expect from a nose job?

Nasal refinement surgery is often the most challenging operation for plastic surgeons. Achieving a natural-looking “nose job” or revision rhinoplasty depends not only on the skills and experience of your surgeon, but also on the ability to consider the unique anatomical features and features of each patient.

The Rhinoplastic consultation process

Since everyone's face and cosmetic nasal reshaping goals are unique, an expert will help you make an informed decision about your nasal enhancement procedure. Under his care, you will receive what is best for you.

Rhinoplastic Surgical Technique And Protocol

Rhinoplasty is a term that describes a series of operative techniques that can be used to modify the aesthetic and functional properties of the nose. Surgical access to the nose can generally be obtained through incisions inside the nose or through a combination of incisions inside the nose and outside the nostrils.

In an open rhinoplasty procedure, an incision is made in the area of ​​the nose called the columella (the small segment of skin between the nostrils). Then the expert gently penetrates the nose to access the upper and lower lateral cartilages. The advantages of an open rhinoplasty are: little bleeding during surgery (if any), minimal swelling, and a faster and easier recovery.

In a closed rhinoplasty procedure, the expert makes several incisions on the inside of the nostrils and none on the outside, so there are no visible scars after surgery.

Recovery and aftercare

During surgery, a small splint is placed on your nose to keep it stable and protected. The splint stays in place for five to seven days. Depending on the patient, nasal packing may be used to help reduce inflammation and bleeding. This packing is placed inside the nose during surgery and is removed the next morning. Don't be alarmed if your nostrils are blocked or if you feel stuffy after surgery.

What To Expect After A Rhinoplasty

Getting a nose surgery in Miami is a great option if you want to change the shape, size, or proportion of your nose. This plastic surgery mainly repairs the deformities of an injury, to correct a defect in the nose or to improve your breathing difficulties. Since both breathing and the shape of the nose are interrelated, this plastic surgery is not only done to change the appearance of the nose, but also to improve breathing.

However, there are some changes you may see or feel after undergoing rhinoplasty. You should know the expected things that commonly occur after rhinoplasty.

Mild to moderate pain may be felt

After rhinoplasty surgery, you may feel discomfort and pain. However, discomfort can be relieved by taking some oral medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon that are sufficient to control pain, such as Tylenol with codeine (or its equivalent if you are allergic to codeine).

Also, expect the swelling from the surgery to temporarily make your nose less refined than desirable and wider. The swelling at the bridge of the nose will improve more quickly than at the tip of the nose. Generally, this should not make patients feel alarmed or concerned.

Bloody nasal discharge

After a rhinoplasty or any nasal surgery, a bloody nasal discharge is expected. Plastic surgeons place a small-gauge bandage under the nose after nose surgery to prevent a bloody runny nose.

Most patients in Miami say that nasal congestion can be bothersome after surgery. It is worse after the first week after surgery. However, once the internal nasal splints are removed, it will improve significantly. Also, residual congestion will improve for several weeks after the procedure.

After undergoing rhinoplasty in Miami, patients experience a temporary decrease or change in the way they smell or taste. It is secondary to some nervous alterations of the nose during the nose surgery procedure. These changes will improve dramatically within the first two weeks after surgery.…

Rhinoplasty Reviews: Importance Of Undergoing Rhinoplasty

Many patients have felt insecure when perceiving that their face lost symmetry because they were born with a crooked nose, or it felt too big. This feeling, which makes several people insecure, makes it impossible for them to maintain social relationships.

Rhinoplasty achieves the desired effect on those who undergo it. Not only does it give them self-assurance, but they also feel better in social relationships, projecting to their interlocutors such a firmness that it can easily open the doors to more possibilities, for example to a successful work situation.

There are respiratory problems due to the position of the nostrils, such as sleep apnea. On many occasions, and by medical prescription, the patient is advised to undergo an operation in order to correct this.

The results, in these cases, are usually very good, returning the person to an adequate level of health. Some may fear surgery, but after the benefits, the satisfaction is complete.

There are unexpected moments that change us completely, and not only because of their psychological impact but also because of their impact on our physical appearance. People’s lives can be limited by accident.

Traffic accidents are the biggest culprits in facial deformities. Many people decide to undergo rhinoplasty to regain their previous appearance and thus turn the page of such a traumatic memory.

After the operation, it has been shown that many injured have been able to overcome certain typical psychological consequences of a traffic accident.

The benefits after rhinoplasty are numerous. Although many times the fear of having to go into an operating room is very intense, and it may be thought that the recovery will be very long, the end and the results convince us that it is worth it.