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Many patients have felt insecure when perceiving that their face lost symmetry because they were born with a crooked nose, or it felt too big. This feeling, which makes several people insecure, makes it impossible for them to maintain social relationships.

Rhinoplasty achieves the desired effect on those who undergo it. Not only does it give them self-assurance, but they also feel better in social relationships, projecting to their interlocutors such a firmness that it can easily open the doors to more possibilities, for example to a successful work situation.

There are respiratory problems due to the position of the nostrils, such as sleep apnea. On many occasions, and by medical prescription, the patient is advised to undergo an operation in order to correct this.

The results, in these cases, are usually very good, returning the person to an adequate level of health. Some may fear surgery, but after the benefits, the satisfaction is complete.

There are unexpected moments that change us completely, and not only because of their psychological impact but also because of their impact on our physical appearance. People’s lives can be limited by accident.

Traffic accidents are the biggest culprits in facial deformities. Many people decide to undergo rhinoplasty to regain their previous appearance and thus turn the page of such a traumatic memory.

After the operation, it has been shown that many injured have been able to overcome certain typical psychological consequences of a traffic accident.

The benefits after rhinoplasty are numerous. Although many times the fear of having to go into an operating room is very intense, and it may be thought that the recovery will be very long, the end and the results convince us that it is worth it.